Check-in at Newport Marina is after 12:00 PM, and checkout is before 11:00 AM. Reservations may be canceled 72 hours or more before the actual date. No shows and no calls or cancellations after the 72-hour time frame will result in forfeiture of the entire deposit. Please note that we don’t give refunds on early departures. Additionally, reservations are not final until notified by a phone call or email and secured with a valid credit card.

The Lessee agrees that the Lessor is not responsible for personal injury or death, damage to or loss of equipment, or use of the vessel or car to the Lessee or his guests arising from the Lessor’s alleged negligence.

Furthermore, the Lessee agrees to save, protect, and indemnify the Lessor from and against all loss, costs, damage, claims, suits, actions at law, and judgment, including attorney’s fees. These may arise or grow out of any injury to or death of persons, damages to property, or any other matter caused by Acts of God, fire, windstorm, explosion, flood, burglary, theft, Lessor’s alleged negligence, and defective equipment or facilities.